Adcash founders invested in Estonian beverage manufacturer to produce disinfectants during the crisis.

Estonian beverage manufacturer Punch Drinks started manufacturing disinfectants in order to help contain the spread of COVID-19 virus in Estonia. The sanitizers are available in e-shop, Bolt Food and soon pharmacies across Estonia.

„In the light of the corona virus we decided that it is our duty to help our country and people in these difficult times. We had the production capacity and capability, so shifting temporarily our strategy seemed the only reasonable thing to do,“ said Kristjan-Walter Kask, the CEO of Punch Drinks.

Punch Drinks, whose main products are organic craft soft drinks and cocktails, quickly familiarized themselves with the regulations and requirements needed for the disinfectant manufacturing and rearranged their current production processes. “We didn’t hesitate in the production for a second, but were dependent on how we could obtain the needed permits and certificates. We’re glad that the Health Board was on board from the minute we contacted them and fastened the bureaucratic processes to issue the certificates,” explained Kask.  He added that Punch Sanitizers are officially approved by the Health Board, for which the biocidal product registration has been issued.

Entrepreneurs share the responsibility to help during crisis

To increase the production capability, Thomas Padovani together with the Webinfluence Group and Bellone Invest made a quick investment decision, when heard that Punch Drinks wanted to expand their activity. “I strongly believe that all entrepreneurs have a responsibility to help to fight this virus, if possible. We appreciate Punch Drinks’s commitment to contribute to the community and safety of all of us,” explained Thomas Padovani. He added that even though they currently invested to help to increase the production of sanitizers, they see great potential of Punch Drinks becoming a strong player. “The ambitions of Punch are strong in our region. There is a clear market demand for organic crafted drinks elaborated by top bar tenders,” noted Padovani.

Padovani brought out that during the crisis they try to be there for all their current investments and partners to go through the crisis together. “Nobody knows at the moment how deep the fall will exactly be. One could never imagine that the world and economy could be paused like this, so this is completely a new situation. Therefore, we do our best to help to ease the situation for our partners,” said Padovani.

Available in e-shop, Bolt Food and pharmacies

Punch Sanitizer antiseptic sprays effectively kill bacteria, yeasts, mold and viruses. In addition, the product is colourless and fragrance-free, and suitable for both professional and home use. “Today we are able to produce around 4000L of sanitizers a day, but we hope to increase that up to 6000L a day. We do our best to ensure the supply of raw materials, which is very unpredictable in today’s circumstances,” said Kask.

He noted that if they find a partner abroad they could also start exporting. “At the moment we have the biocidal product permit only for Estonia and currently there is no single Estonian company who has been listed as biocidal producers abroad. If we find a partner, who would have needed licenses, then we would be ready to export,” explained Kask.

Currently the sanitizers are sold in Punch Drinks e-shop in different sizes and quantities, but soon also available in Bolt Food and pharmacies. “We have sealed a deal with Magnum Medical, which means that our sanitizers will be available in pharmacies across Estonia. We’re actively searching for new retailers to make the product available to all citizens and companies in need,” stressed Kask. He added that their goal is not to earn easy income during the crisis and therefore have kept their pricing reasonable and competitive.

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