Thomas Padovani is an entrepreneur and investor. Born and raised in France, but who in 2007 discovered Estonia, the aspiring  tech startup capital of the world, and has since stayed and built businesses in this vibrant country.

➛ Experience

With a strong experience in online media monetization, Thomas co-founded the Webinfluence Group in 2007, establishing first a network of entertainment related websites servicing the online advertiser market.

Thomas Padovani is the founder of the globally successful online media advertising platform Adcash. He built up his first company/startup from nothing and in a very short period of time grew it into a successful multi-million company which is still disrupting the ad-tech market.

Under his leadership, Adcash quickly became one of the topmost providers of monetization and advertising solutions on the global web scene. 

➛ Awards

In 2015 and 2016 Adcash was recognised by Enterprise Estonia as the most competitive and innovative company in Estonia, a country known for its strong digital society and world class IT scene.

In 2017 Adcash was listed as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in Europe by Financial Times.

➛ Investor

Thomas stepped back from the Adcash CEO position in 2018 and has since projected his focus on building and investing in new aspiring startups through Bellone Invest with growth opportunities reaching billions of euros.

Bellone Invest actively invests in seed stage tech startups, especially in the e-commerce and mobile application sector.

After generating its first cash-flows, Bellone Invest decided to diversify it’s investment portfolio in multi-assets classes: from exchanges (centralized and OTC) to Private Equity (in several sectors).

Bellone team is also advising multiple companies related to artificial intelligence and research and development, particularly in fintech and adtech fields.

“Think big yet at the same time remain realistic, as the key to success is translating business ideas into measurable outcomes.

” – Thomas Padovani

➛ Other interests

Known for his passion for motorsport, Thomas has participated in multiple 24-hour endurance races and sprint races in various GT classes in Europe.

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